About The Hoods

The Hoods is a design project put together by a group of local designers that believe neighborhoods are a city’s soul, and The Hoods provides unofficial branding for the soul of Spokane, Washington.

We are in our second round of the project welcoming new designers to the team and branching into Parks territory. We love Spokane and the beautiful unique parts of it. The Hoods is all about celebrating that.

Neighborhoods and Parks

Designs from The Hoods created by Spokane artists.

Park and Neighborhood designs created by Nick Tibbetts, Danielle Davis, Jesse Pierpoint, Matt Bogue, Karli Ingersoll, Jacob Greif, Eric Smith and Joel Barbour.

Latest Post

Preview of The Hoods 2.0!

The Hoods is coming up quick! Here’s a little preview of some of the new work that will be featured. Cannon Hill sketch by Danielle Davis Cliff Park by Matt Bogue Riverside by Eric Smith Linwood Park by Karli Ingersoll Grandview Thorpe by Danielle Davis

Hoods 2.0!

We are excited to be launching the 2nd round of The Hoods! Join us at Fellow on May 16th for a brand new set of designs featuring new neighborhoods and PARKS! Designers: Jesse Pierpoint, Matt Bogue, Danielle Davis, Joel Barbour, Nick Tibbetts, Jacob Greif, Eric Smith and Karli Ingersoll.